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    Solar Energy Systems

    • Complete System
    • HERO HV Battery
    • Top safety certification
    • Long Cycle Life
    • User-friendly
    • Smart BMS
    • Protection

    Aqlink High Voltage Solar Energy System Solutions are specifically designed for residential and small commercial projects, offering users enhanced and dependable energy storage. With flexible configuration options, the system can achieve a maximum energy storage capacity of 327kWh. The newly designed system includes easy connectors that save valuable installation time. It optimizes home solar energy utilization, increases self-consumption and grid independence, ultimately leading to reduced electricity bills.

    Complete System

    A comprehensive solution with modular battery design allows for flexible combination of capacities up to 327kWh.

    HERO HV Battery

    High voltage system results in higher energy conversion efficiency and reduced energy loss.

    Top safety certification

    The battery is TÜV VDE2510-50 certified, and the inverter is VDE V 2410-100 certified.

    Long Cycle Life

    The system offers long cycle life and superior performance, aided by its module design for quick installation.


    Users have the ability to set the input power source priority.

    Smart BMS

    Intelligent battery management system ensures comprehensive monitoring, multiple protections for battery pack system.


    Includes battery reverse connection protection and anti-power control function.

    Battery TypeHigh Voltage Stackable LiFePO4 BatteryHigh Voltage Stackable LiFePO4 Battery
    Battery Rated Cpacity10.24kwh-15.36kwh12.8kWh-15.36kwh
    Battery Cycle6000 Cycles6000 Cycles
    Output Voltage400V/360-440V400V/360-440V
    Max PV Input Power10.4kw15.6kw
    MPPT efficiency99.5%99.5%
    Peak Power200W200W
    Working Current18V18V
    Connection Method26S2P39S2P
    Battery Voltage153.6V-409.6V153.6V-409.6V
    Battery system Capacity10.24kwh-245.76kwh12.8kwh-245.76kwh
    Rated Power8.8kVA13.2kVA
    Max PV Charge Current12.5A12.5A
    Mppt Operating Voltage180V-850V180V-850V
    Battery charge /discharge efficiency96.6%96.8%
    Open Circuit Voltage20V20V
    Solar Energy Conversion Rate≥22%≥22%
    Solar Panel System Peak Power10.4kW15.6kW
    • Complete System
    • Top-quality cells
    • Smart BMS
    • High Efficiency Inverter
    • Monitoring

    Aqu Link Low Voltage Solar Energy System Solutions are designed for residential and small commercial projects, offering flexible installation options. With a maximum energy storage capacity of 150kWh, these solutions optimize solar energy utilization, enhance self-consumption and grid independence, resulting in reduced electricity bills and increased efficiency of home solar energy utilization.

    Complete System

    A comprehensive solution with flexible battery system capacity combinations for a complete system solution.

    Top-quality cells

    Utilizing new grade A LiFePO4 battery cells, the system offers enhanced safety with small size and light weight.

    Smart BMS

    Equipped with an intelligent battery management system, it provides comprehensive monitoring of battery pack status and multiple protections.

    High Efficiency Inverter

    System offers pure sine wave AC output, integrated MPPT solar charger controller, and operates at low frequency with transformer.


    Remote monitoring via WiFi/GPRS.

    Battery TypeRack mounted/Wall mounted LiFePO4 BatteryRack mounted/Wall mounted LiFePO4 Battery
    Battery Rated Cpacity100Ah/200Ah100Ah/200Ah
    Battery Max Discharge Current100A (Continuous)100A (Continuous)
    Battery Cycle4000 Cycles4000 Cycles
    Output Voltage104V-110V-115V-120V/208V-220V-230V-240V104V-110V-115V-120V/208V-220V-230V-240V
    Max PV Input Power5000W7000W
    Max Charge Current60A80A
    Monitor OptionWIFl or GPRSWIFl or GPRS
    Open Circuit Voltage20V20V
    Solar Energy Conversion Rate≥22%≥22%
    Solar Panel System Peak Power4480W6720W
    Battery Rated Voltage51.2V51.2V
    Battery Max Charge Current100A100A
    Battery System Capacity10kwh-150kwh20kwh-150kwh
    Rated Power5KW10KW
    Max PV Charge Current80A120A
    Mppt Operating Voltage60-145V60-145V
    Max Charge Current(PV+AC)140A180A
    Peak Power320W320W
    Working Current17.77A17.77A
    Connection Method7S2P7S3P