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    Residential Inverter

    • Safe & Reliable
    • Friendly & Flexible
    • Top Safety Certification
    • Economical & Practical

    The HERO-TP series residential three-phase ESS hybrid inverter offers 5 power ratings: 6kW, 8kW, 10kW, 12kW, and 15kW. It is compatible with both single-phase and three-phase loads, supporting 100% unbalanced load. With a maximum efficiency of 97.9%, it ensures optimal performance.

    Safe & Reliable

    The system offers island protection, PV and battery reverse polarity protection, insulation monitoring, residual current monitoring, AC over current and power protection, as well as short circuit protection.

    Friendly & Flexible

    Noise reduction achieved without external cooling fans; Diesel generator compatibility; Full power discharge supported, with automatic battery charge and discharge management.

    Top Safety Certification

    TUV-certified for safety (CE, IEC62109, EN62109) and on-grid compliant (VDE4105, EN50549) according to authoritative regulations.

    Economical & Practical

    The system offers cost-effective support for multiple operating modes and can function as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for critical loads during power outages.

    ModelAQ-IVT 1006/AQ-IVT 1008/AQ-IVT 10010/ AQ-IVT 10012/AQ-IVT 10015
    Rated Output Power(back up)6/8/10/12/15(kVA)
    MPPT Voltage Range180-850V
    Rated AC Frequency50/60HZ
    Ingress ProtectionIP65
    InstallationWall Mounted
    Rated Output Power to Grid6/8/10/12/15(kw)
    Max.PV Input Power9/12/15/18/22.5(kW)
    Rated AC Voltage230/400 Va.c,3W+N+PE
    Battery Voltage Range125-600 Vd.c.
    Operating Temperature Range-35~60C