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AQ-ICE 200 Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage Systems

  • Superior strength
  • Safety 
  • Reliable
  • Easy to maintain

The 100KW-215KWH energy storage system is built on LiFePO4 battery technology, featuring a single cluster battery cluster comprising 15 battery packs. Each battery pack is equipped with BMU slave control, while a high-voltage control box incorporates BCU main control. The single-cluster battery pack is connected in series, establishing a connection with the high-voltage control box. From there, the output of the high-voltage control box is linked to the 100KW  energy storage converter (PCS). Subsequently, the converter connects to the load, ensuring efficient energy transfer and seamless operation of the system. This configuration optimizes the performance and functionality of the 100KW-215KWH energy storage system.

Superior strength

Laser-welded busbar: low impedance, superior strength.


The battery cells are protected by an insulating film, while the electrodes and busbars feature plastic slots to ensure leak prevention.


Includes built-in fan for temperature balance, V0-flame retardant grade materials, and fire protection system for added safety.

Easy to maintain

External BMU allows for effortless maintenance access.

On grid rated power100kW
Off grid rated output voltage400V
Battery typeLiFePO4 battery
DC input protectionCircuit breaker + fuse
On grid Voltage Range/Rated Voltage320-460/400V
On grid maximum power110kW
Off grid rated AC output power100kW
Battery system768V 280Ah (215kwh)
Fire protection systemPACK Grade Fire Protection/PFC