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AQ-RSE 300 Residential Energy Storage Battery

  • Top-quality cells
  • Communication Protocols
  • Smart BMS
  • Outstanding safety performance
  • Excellent compatibility

The 48V/51.2V rack-mounted lithium iron phosphate battery features a high energy density and a stylish appearance. It is easy to install and expand, making it widely used in applications such as telecom base stations, commercial energy storage, UPS, and residential energy storage systems.

Top-quality cells

With its lightweight and compact size, the system utilizes high-quality LiFePO4 cells, ensuring a long cycle life of up to 6000 times.

Communication Protocols

Compatible with RS485, RS232, CAN, and more.

Smart BMS

Intelligent battery management system provides all-round monitoring and multiple protections for battery pack status.

Outstanding safety performance

The battery passes extreme safety tests, guaranteeing no fire, explosion, or leakage, ensuring user safety.

Excellent compatibility

The battery is compatible with various inverters, including Growatt, DEYE, GOODWE, SMA, SOLAX, SolarEdge, Voltronics, Sorotec

Basic ParametersAQ-RSE 300100AQ-RSE 300200
Nominal Voltage(V)48/51.248/51.2
Nominal Capacity(Ah)100200
Dimension(mm)L460xW442xH177 L680xW442xH185
Discharge Cut-off Voltage(V)40.5(15S)/43.2(16S)40.5(15S)/43.2(16S)
Charge Cut-off Voltage(V)54.7(15S)/58.4(16S)54.7(15S)/58.4(16S)
Communication PortRS485,RS232 CANRS485,RS232 CAN
Cell serial number(pcs)15S/16S15S/16S
Working Temperature/°C-10~60-10~60
Design life10+Years (25°C/77°F)10+Years (25°C/77°F)
Cycle Life >6000, 25°C/77°F, 80%DOD >6000, 25°C/77°F, 80%DOD
Maximum continuous charge current100A100A
Maximum continuous discharge current100A100A