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AQ-HVE 100 High-Voltage Energy Storage Battery

  • Top-quality cells
  • Simple installation
  • Premium safety certification
  • IP55 Safeguard
  • Real-time status
  •  Large capacity
  • Excellent compatibility

One set of a modular high-voltage battery residential energy storage system effectively solves the entire house’s electricity consumption, making it suitable for residential energy storage.

Top-quality cells

Leveraging a high-quality lithium iron phosphate battery, this energy storage system boasts a large capacity, lightweight construction, and robust power output, making it an excellent choice for residential applications.

Simple installation

Modular design allows versatile energy level combinations, simple maintenance, and hassle-free plug-and-play functionality for easy use.

Premium safety certification

Battery certified by TÜV VDE2510-50 for quality assurance.

IP55 Safeguard

Indoor/outdoor installation, compact size, space-saving solution.

Real-time status

Real-time LED parameter display provides clear and concise information about equipment status, enabling quick and easy monitoring at a glance.

Large capacity

A single cluster can hold up to 15.36kWh, and the system supports parallel connection of up to 4 clusters.

Excellent compatibility

Compatible with popular hybrid inverters, ensuring user-friendly integration and seamless operation.

Basic Parameters3-module4-module 5-module6-module
Nominal Capacity(KWh)7.6810.2412.815.36
Cell Matching48S1P64S1P80S1P96S1P
Working Voltage Range(V)136.8-172.81182.4-230.4228-288273.6-345.6
Nominal voltage(V)153.6204.8256.0307.2
Dimension (WxDxH) (mm)550×430
Battery Type LFP(LiFePO4)
Nominal Working Current50
Communication PortCAN/RS485
Working Temperature RangeCharge:0-45°C/Discharge:-10-50°C
Installation MethodFloor-standing
Cycle Life>6000, 25°C/77°F, 80%DOD
Peak charge/discharge current(@25°C,5S)63A
Discharge rate of Module≤3.5%/month/@25°C
Module Series connection/Module3S~6S
Parallel connection 16 units in parallel