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High-Voltage Energy Storage Battery

One set of a modular high-voltage battery residential energy storage system effectively solves the entire house’s electricity consumption, making it suitable for residential energy storage.

Residential Energy Storage Battery

The system boasts a 160mm ultra-thin and modular design, facilitating easy installation and expansion.

Solar Energy Systems

Aqu Link Low Voltage Solar Energy System Solutions are designed for residential and small commercial projects, offering flexible installation options. With a maximum energy storage capacity of 150kWh, these solutions optimize solar energy utilization, enhance self-consumption and grid independence, resulting in reduced electricity bills and increased efficiency of home solar energy utilization.

Residential Inverter

The HERO-TP series residential three-phase ESS hybrid inverter offers 5 power ratings: 6kW, 8kW, 10kW, 12kW, and 15kW. It is compatible with both single-phase and three-phase loads, supporting 100% unbalanced load. With a maximum efficiency of 97.9%, it ensures optimal performance.

Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage Systems

The 50KW-186KWH energy storage system is built on LiFePO4 battery technology, featuring a single cluster battery cluster comprising 13 battery packs. Each battery pack is equipped with BMU slave control, while a high-voltage control box incorporates BCU main control. The single-cluster battery pack is connected in series, establishing a connection with the high-voltage control box. From there, the output of the high-voltage control box is linked to the 50KW  energy storage converter (PCS). Subsequently, the converter connects to the load, ensuring efficient energy transfer and seamless operation of the system. This configuration optimizes the performance and functionality of the 50KW-186KWH energy storage system.

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